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The Law of Non-Existent Markets

Written by: Todd Stevens

International borders are increasingly blending together in the corporate world, so it would seem natural that this would also be the case in corporate law. However, this is frequently far from reality, as securities regulations across the world often reveal themselves to be a patchwork quilt of individual legal systems struggling to interact. Such was the picture painted by Michael Mann, former first director for the Office of International Affairs at the SEC and current partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Richards Kibbe & Orbe, who spoke on the global regulation of financial markets at Chicago-Kent this past Thursday.

“One of the interesting things about international securities markets is that there is no such thing,” Mann said, introducing his presentation. “(The markets) are run by domestic bodies administering domestic laws.”

Having framed the international securities world in this light, Mann went on to emphasize the importance of individual relationships in international securities law. As securities markets differ from country to country, businesses are forced to work with different legal structures in each individual market. Thus, it is incredibly important to remember one’s position in any international business arrangement. An expert in the United States market is not necessarily an expert in the Chinese market, and being successful in the field of securities requires strong, mutually beneficial relationships with legal partners across the globe.

Mann went on to set up an outlook for the future. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Morrison v. National Australia Bank decision, it is much harder to gain jurisdiction in the United States, even when presented with a company that has significant US contacts. This situation makes it all the more important for firms and their legal departments to focus on how they develop their own internal rules, making sure that they are prepared to deal with foreign legal systems as needed.
More importantly, attorneys working in securities markets need to communicate with utmost clarity the issues confronting clients who want to operate internationally so they can shield themselves against potentially hazardous foreign regulations.

“We need to make sure there’s an understanding in our customer of the rules of the marketplace,” Mann said.

On a grander scale, Mann said that the Morrison decision may offer an opportunity to take a new look at the international securities arena and retool it into something friendlier and more efficient, citing past compromises on insider trading law made by the United States and Switzerland as a possible example.
Similar concessions worldwide would be necessary to create an improved setting. As Mann stated, “If the marketplace is ever going to become internationalized, we need to redraw the jurisdictional boundaries… so that people can protect themselves as they so desire.


Compliance Career Chat Today!!!!!!!!

Compliance Career Chat

Kevin Saunders ‘09

Legal & Compliance Examiner in the Large Institution Division

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Institute on Compliance invites all students to a series of informal discussions with alumni about careers incompliance. The first compliance chat will feature Kevin Saunders ’09. He will provide an overview of his career path, the type of work that he does, and suggestions that he has for obtaining positions in compliance. Students are encouraged to ask questions. 

 Thursday, September 6, 2012

Noon-1:00 p.m.

Room C40

Lunch will be provided.


The Corporate Law Society Will Be Returning In The

Fall 2012 Semester

The Chicago-Kent Corporate Law Society is committed to promoting the study of corporate and business law at Chicago-Kent and preparing members for successful careers in practice areas, such as financial services, securities regulation, real estate, tax, and banking law. Our goal is to promote the importance of having a fundamental understanding of both law and business in the workplace, and enable members to gain insight from practicing lawyers in all areas of corporate law.

We are planning on hosting a number of workshops, panels and networking events featuring corporate and transactional lawyers from the Chicago area where students can garner practical legal skills.

For More Information About the Corporate Law Society’s Upcoming Events Please Visit:

 The Chicago-Kent Corporate Law Society’s Facebook Page

If you would like to be on the email list to receive updates on the Society’s meetings, events, and opportunities, please send an email to:

Career Panel Tomorrow: “From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: Using Your Law Degree in the Business World”

Please join the Corporate Law Society, Real Estate Law Society and the Career Services Office on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, when three accomplished executives will address the topic: “From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: Using Your Law Degree in the Business World.”

Howard Tullman is the immediate past President of Kendall College, which he recently sold to Laureate Education. Now, Mr. Tullman serves as CEO of Flashpoint, digital media arts college. After practicing law for ten years,  Mr. Tullman changed routes and has founded or served as CEO or Board Chairman of nine companies and as a director and/or adviser to many other early-stage companies. In addition to teaching at Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Mr. Tullman is the General Managing Partner of Chicago’s High Tech Investors, LLC, Director of the Cobalt Group and Passage Events, both located in Seattle. Mr. Tullman graduated, with honors, from both Northwestern University and Northwestern University School of Law.

Victoria Noonan is the Managing Director of Leasing for Tishman Speyer Properties, responsible for supervising and coordinating the company’s leasing efforts for the Chicago portfolio. Tishman Speyer is one of the leading owners, developers and managers of first-class real estate in the world. In Chicago, Ms. Noonan manages leasing efforts for eleven high-rise buildings in the area, including the Civic Opera Building. Ms. Noonan graduated from DePaul University in 1980 and received her J.D. from Chicago-Kent in 1984.

After practicing as a commercial real estate attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP and, thereafter, at Greenberg Taurig LLP, Dustin Cahan left his practice to become the Chief Operating Officer of Evaporcool Solutions, LLC, a “green” technology venture. Mr. Cahan, who is 29, oversees the development and manufacturing of a sophisticated cooling solution, which reduces energy and maintenance costs of air conditioning equipment. Mr. Cahan obtained his B.A. in economics from Northwestern University, and thereafter his J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law.

The event will convene at 12:00 p.m. in Room 270. Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Program Video: "From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: Using Your Law Degree in the Business World"

In case you missed it, here is the video from the CLS event on October 21, 2008. Thank you to all 72 of you who attended! Make sure to monitor our website or Facebook group for CLS events coming up.

Corporate Law Society Presents: “From the Courtroom to the Boardroom”

Please join the Corporate Law Society and the Career Services Office on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, when alumnus Howard Davis (Class of 1980), Jeffery Rothbart (Class of 2002) and Paul Cohen will address the topic, “From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: Using Your Law Degree in the Business World.”

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