Chicago 2016 Olympics: American Dream or Nightmare?

OlympicWe are only a day away from the long awaited International Olympic Committee’s selection of a host city for the 2016 Summer Games. As the city wide excitement continues to grow, reality also seems to be setting in. Up to date there have been a lot of mixed emotions about bringing the games to Chicago.  Chicago residents have been torn between the feelings of pride and honor associated with hosting the Games, yet tension is running high as to how exactly the city will afford such a feat. Mayor Daley has confidently stated, “Tax money isn’t paying for it. There’s no tax money whatsoever…We are very strong in that position … in the regard to having that be sponsored by the private sector and others.” And, the 2016 Olympic bid committee has repeatedly assured that the $4.8 billion estimated cost would be paid for with contributions from wealthy donors, corporate sponsorships, television rights and ticket sales to ceremonies and sporting events. But, can the local government be trusted not to use the public taxpayer’s money to put on the Games?  I, for one, would be proud to have the Olympics in Chicago, but at what cost?  These questions will be answered in the coming weeks and months, but for now we hold our breaths praying for a good tomorrow…


One response to “Chicago 2016 Olympics: American Dream or Nightmare?

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